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  Our principal references of our activities are below :
Projects of renewable energies:
Photovoltaic solar energy: 1,2Mwe planted
- Houses furnished with electricity for the account of (ANME, FSN and regional projects): 9000.
- Photovoltaic solar equipments for professional applications: 100.
- Equipement of 53 solar photovoltaic energy pumps in south of Tunisia.
- 400 sea-marker furnished with photovoltaic energy.
- 40 Border positions of the National Guard and the terrestrial army equipped with photovoltaic systems.
- Fitting up of 7 advanced posts for National Defence Ministry by photovoltaic systems.
- Equipement of International Center of Environment Technologies of Tunis by a photovoltaic system connected with network; power = 1.2Kwc.
Thermal solar energy:
- The planting of solar sensors for the production of hat water 6000 m², equal to 450 000 litres of water produced by day, providing an annual energy’s economy of 600 TEP.
- The solar heating of the floor: new projects still in achievement.
Demonstration Projects:
- The planting of a hybrid wind turbine / photovoltaic system in CITET
- The supplying with electricity of Ksar Ghilène’s village.
Projects of reasonable use of energy:
- The admission of air-conditioning technology by gas in Tunisia: 6 projects had been realized, 5 of which for the STEG and 1 for a private exploiter.
- Realization of 10 technical economical studies of workability for the equipments of cogeneration in Tunisia industrial areas (agro alimentary and others).
- Realization of 12 opportunity’s studies for the cold storage in the future Enfidha’s airport site.
Projects of industrial development:
- Technical-economical study of a unit producing capsules of PV models of 2Mwe (realization fixed in 2005).
- Study and design of an aero generator of 1000W.
- Study and design of an electronic system of control management for the photovoltaic pumping.
- Participation in research’s projects in partnership with the ministry of high education and scientific research and the National agency for renewable energies (solar system, air conditioning by gas, wind turbine farms).
Projects on the international level:
- The furnishing with electricity of 24 village in Benin (financement BID).
- Supplying and planting 20 wind turbines of pumping in Algeria (Algerian government).
- Study of the interaction energy-environment in Africa (financementBAD).
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